Watercolour Studies – Art for Enjoyment Wateringbury and Kings Hill

In the last two lessons we have been exploring and experimenting with watercolours. The important thing to remember when using watercolours is to work from light to dark, mix strong colours and plenty of colour!  There are various ways or using watercolour; working wet into wet, or allowing washes to dry thoroughly between each wash to create layers and textures. I realize that sometimes I can be quite tentative when using watercolours; this just has to go out of the window – you just have to go for it! You have to be quite positive and direct when painting; the more you go over an image, the more likely it is to have unwanted watermarks.  Try to paint areas of a painting for example the trees with no more than one or two brush strokes and don’t be frightened to paint an image again and again to explore various approaches.  Round pointed paintbrushes, size 5 upwards are perfect for watercolours.  The images shown are all 10 -20 minute studies.

watercolour study silhouette mountains elizabeth harbour

'Mountains' watercolour study Elizabeth Harbour

watercolour texture elizabeth harbour

'Watercolour Texture' Elizabeth Harbour

watercolour study castle ruin elizabeth harbour

'Castle Ruin' quick watercolour study Elizabeth Harbour

watercolour study cottage elizabeth harbour

'Cottage' quick watercolour study Elizabeth Harbour'

watercolour study versailles watercolour study Elizabeth Harbour

'Versailles' watercolour study Elizabeth Harbour