‘The Festive Season’ – Craft Ideas to Inspire by Elizabeth Harbour

CRAFT IDEAS to inspire: The Festive Season by Elizabeth Harbour

The December issue of Country Living Magazine, is out now.  Click on the link for the templates,  print the PDF template actual size  by clicking on automatic zoom and scrolling down to 100% .

Templates for embossed decorations by Elizabeth Harbour

Star templates for runner by Elizabeth Harbour

Stencilled Runner Templates by Elizabeth Harbour

Swan Template by Elizabeth Harbour

Father Christmas by Elizabeth Harbour




 * Please note :

Stencilled Runner : trace individually  each deer and tree design.  Place onto freezer paper so that the deer face each other


5 Replies to “‘The Festive Season’ – Craft Ideas to Inspire by Elizabeth Harbour”

  1. Julia Seath from Guernsey says:

    Thank you for the stencils and advice.

  2. Elizabeth Sandoval says:

    This foil embossing craft is so charming! I’m visiting London over the holiday so I purchased the British edition Country Living magazine and saw your article!
    Merry Christmas from America! Elizabeth

  3. Caroline Bailey says:

    Lovely art. I hope to purchase some.

  4. Debbie Martin says:

    Really pretty templates, thank you.

  5. BYSTORED says:

    Thank you for the great ideas! I am definitely going to check out your blog for more inspiration. I love how you used a storage unit to organize all of your supplies. This is a great way to keep everything organized and tidy.

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