Kent Art Classes Art for Enjoyment: September Flowers – a work in progress!

I love teaching my art classes in Wateringbury and Kings Hill in Kent.  We have been experimenting with acrylics and following on from creating a textured background, I have painted flowers and foliage loosely using a hog hair paintbrush. I have used crimson, lemon yellow, cobalt blue and white acrylic to create this palette of colours. This is about 45 minutes work; a good analogy for this way of working is to say that it is little like working on a puzzle – putting is as much information in as possible.It is very tempting when painting to focus on just the flowers, however the foliage and stems are as important!

This painting has been inspired by the expressive flower paintings and textured backgrounds of the artist Christopher Wood.

Now I need to find some spare time to strengthen only some of the flowers and foliage with details using a fine brush and incorporate some shadows to complete it.

september-flowers still life