Companion Cat Cushion

Hand printed Companion Cat (natural linen) cushion. It took a few prototypes to get the design right; especially as the shape would change considerably once it was filled with hollow fibre filling! I’m really pleased with the finished result – I hope to print some more designs in the future.


cat cushion by elizabeth harbour

companion cat cushion by Elizabeth Harbour

Handmade Dolls

After several years of having no fairy for our Christmas tree I decided that it was time to make one. Not only she does she grace the tree at Christmas; she lives under a glass dome on our mantle piece, so that we can enjoy her every day. She is made out of papier-mache, wood, brown paper, satin and Egyptian muslin, and in some ways was inspired by the wonderful toys in the Tunbridge Wells Museum. A magical place that my grandfather used to take us to before treating us to an ice cream sundae. I have visited the museum for years – as a child, as an adult and with my own children; to look at the beautiful dolls, toys and to turn on the lights of the huge dolls house – it has been a great source of inspiration to me.

You will be able to buy handmade dolls from my shop. Each doll is handmade by me, she is  hand-painted, signed and comes in a lovely box with her picture on the front.  She has a satin ribbon that can be tied into a bow to attach her to the top branch of the christmas tree. She is very lightweight and therefore will stay in place.

christmas fairy handmade doll

Handmade Christmas Fairy, Kent


Christmas tree handmade fairy elizabeth harbour

My handmade Christmas tree decorations – Elizabeth Harbour

Hand Marbled Papers

I am am now producing individual hand marbled papers which you will be able to buy from my online shop. Each paper is unique; it can be used for bookbinding, lining cupboards, draws, wrapping soaps, decoupage or as gift-wrap. Here are some of the designs.

Hand marbled paper combed marbling 2 Elizabeth Harbour

Hand marbled paper – combed marbling (2) Elizabeth Harbour

hand marbled papers combed marbling 13 Elizabeth Harbour

Hand marbled papers – combed marbling (13) Elizabeth Harbour



Hand marbled papers 20 Elizabeth Harbour

Hand marbled paper (20) Elizabeth Harbour